Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From Passion, to Rewan Ishak's Passport Ekspress, to Utagha craving, until UUM dreaming.


Passion to write was missing when everything was running sangat kabut dan everything was not on track anymore.. Running without shoes.. Hardly to find some air untuk bernafas. Harus banyak berlatih lagi. Lari harus sama laju dgn masa dan tugasan yg x pernah letih mengejar.. Banyakkan latihan; which try to adapt with the current situation could help me improve. NO WORRIES. Time will cured everything. :) Hope to have those passions back. Malah lebih fresh than before. Banyak nak tulis, Tapi hate to write something busuk lagi smelly. Eww~ 

PASSPORT EKSPRESS: Watch the full short-movie. It's OHSEM! Always make my day. 
Great nature view! Congratz Rewan Ishak!

Gimme some breath.. some air to inhale a good, great, OHSEM views around me. AMAZED. The nature, the view, was OHSEM darab lapan in the video. (WHY SO SUDDENLY?!) Proud to watch this. I want to be THERE! UTAGHA.. I fall in love with Utagha recently. After going back from Perlis last month. I love the loghat so suddenly. Just by hear them, those from Kedah, utagha, make me smile happily. Suddenly thinking about UUM.. Is that the great place for me next? But there are voices around me tell the opposites. But I believe that peoples' perceptions were always differ from one to another. 

So suddenly from passion move to view, and lastly UTHAGHA as a result. HAHA! I'm happy to live a hectic darab lapan life right now. To have to cope with those stresses, the darab lapan sress, might give me more matured perspective that made a circle on me. New things happened to me this semester. I cant believe I would be able to go through all this, but yes. I'm on it! And almost finish for the whole semesters. Yes, the stress was darab lapan, but it really help me a lot in life!  Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb. Forgive me Rabb.... 

P/S: Thanks to Bintun Halil coz I'm writing these actually in a reply comment box on previous post. When the jari menari2 di keyboard, x sangka idea flows so well. Not fully express my mind, but help me to put some. Happy. there is a new post in board! HAHA! :)