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Me personally feels annoyed with how world close their already-blind-eyes to the cruelty that is happening clearly on their face. Especially to what is happening in Syria now. COWARD! The 'cruel' but coward them. Cruel Bashar al-Asaad will trapped with his own cruelty! 

May Allah ease those who are in those situation. PALESTINIAN. SYRIAN. BANGLADESHI. CAMBODIAN.. and whoever they are. Wherever you are. Be strong. Never give up. ALLAH hear you. Wait for the time to come. 
Allah knows when. 

Here I share how I condemned Bashar al-Assad and his 'leadership-so-call' skills in 'formal manner'. This is my Industrial and Organisational Psychology: I/O In The New's assessment which I need to give opinions regarding any article chosen from the newspaper. I do not get high marks for this assessment. But I got high understanding through out the writing process. I wrote this a year ago, it's the downfall of Bashar al-Assad.

Reminder: THE WRITINGS ARE FROM ME, AND THEY ARE REFERRED FROM THE REFERENCES LISTED BELOW. Please inform me if there are misinformation found. Do not believe 100% as this is might be a bias opinion from me, and please do not kopi-pasta as the information might not 100% accurate. I will not responsible for any misuse of the kopi-pasta from your part.

Review of the Article 

On 16 December 2011, The Star newspaper reported that Syria revolt enters 10th month. The article is about the undesirable situations that currently happen in Syria for almost a year today. The revolt started when Syrians first erupted in mid-March 2011 against Bashar al-Assad’s leadership.The clashes in Daraa province is initially happened due to the uncovered of the report that several numbers of rebel soldiers mutinied after receiving direct orders to shoot on civilians.

The newspaper article later stated that Human Rights Watch had named 74 military and intelligent officers who allegedly ordered, authorized, or condoned widespread killings, torture, and unlawful arrests in its report entitled By All Means Necessary. But, the specific names of those people are not being published in the article. Anna Neistat, from the New York-based Human Rights Watch, said that those responsible people, up to the highest levels of the Syrian government should answer for their crimes for Syrian people. She was urging the UN Security Council to refer the case to the International Criminal Court. Unfortunately, because Syria is not an International Criminal Court (ICC) member, the court can only intervene after a Security Council referral (The Star, December 2011).

The relationship of the article with the Industrial and Organisational Psychology is that to view and compared between the leadership styles of the president of Syria, Bashar al- Assad with the Islamic leadership styles that is recommended not only by the religion, but also practical for the whole world society.

Syria Current Condition 

Syrians have already started the revolution against their dictatorial regime, the Assad’s family, which scores killed and injured in Daraa and neighboring cities. Syria has been ruled by the al-Assad family since 1970 in the name of the Baath Party when general Hafez al-Assad came to power after a bloody rebellion, that later was succeeded by his son; Bashar al-Assad, after his death in 2000.

The Assad family is part of the minority sect, a Shiite (Shiah) Muslim group that has dominated political life in Syria since the Baath Party seized power in 1963 despite making up only 12 percent of the population.

People revolt to overthrow Bashar al-Assad from the president position after he is being very cruel to the people. Large protests started erupted in the southern city of Daraa in March 2011, after the soldiers arrest the school-children who scribbling anti-government graffiti on walls. Until today, thousands of people have been killed, including civilians, opposition fighters and the regular crowd.

Bashar al-Assad Leadership Style 

At the beginning of his leadership, Bashar's rise to power was received with obvious neglect; and doubts were expressed regarding Bashar's ability to lead the country. Bashar is lack of maturity, experience, and self-confidence. He is also seen lack charisma and leadership qualities, while as one noted expert on Syria put it, Bashar lacks the "killer instinct" vital to anyone who would rule the country (Eyal Zisser, 2003).

In his domestic policy, he has been criticized for a disregard for human rights, economic lapses, and corruptions. The Syrian Security Forces represented by several brigades and ultimately under the control of the president of Syria Bashar al-Assad, have reportedly directly executed, commanded, or supervised attacks against demonstrators and more generally civilians (International Federation of Human Rights, 2011).
Organisational Leadership: An Islamic Overview of Leadership
Islam recognizes that every individual has the potential to lead and acquire responsibility of leadership, which can range from being a ruler to a leader of prayers in a community or an organisation. As mentioned by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), “Every one of you is a shepherd and every one of you is responsible for what he is shepherd of” (Sahih Al Bukhari). But, some characteristics have to be fulfilling to become a good leader. Safi (1995) generally defines leadership as the capacity to mobilize of people towards a set of articulated goals, and to ensure their continuous cooperation for the realization of these goals. In other point of view, the main concept of Islamic leadership is to lead to achieve and compete to be ahead of others to seek the measure of Allah and success in the hereafter (Majeed et al., 2011). 

According to Sufi (1995), there is several leadership traits that has to be possess in order one’s to be a good leader. Some three of those are as follow: 

One of the important traits is Knowledge or ‘Ilm. Leaders expected to be knowledgeable and well informed. Without a proper knowledge, there must be some difficulties in leading the organization. Ultimately, it is not one’s scope of pure knowledge that matters in the exercise of leadership, but one’s ability to apply the knowledge obtained to practical situations. As we discuss earlier, Bashar has a lack of knowledge in administration the country at the first place. This might be the disruptive for him to success in his leadership. In short, leaders must be intellectual and perceptive, capable of analyzing the overall situation, establishing priorities for action, and developing strategies for their implementation (Safi, 1995).

The next important trait is Conviction or Yaqin. Convictions and patience are one of the leader’s most important qualities. This trait is important in times of volatility and change is seen in the fact that the existing rules, regulation, and order begins to break down. In this situation, actions can be guided only by the principles and values of the leader. Conviction also important in order the leader wants to reform the accepted patterns of behaviour, and to challenge the status quo of the organisation. As Bashar lack of the leadership characteristics, it is hard for him to climb to the top, or even a lower stage of a ‘good leadership’ title. (lack information here, sorry!)

Another important trait of a good leader is Leniency or Lin. Leniency is leader’s genuine concern for the well-being of subordinates and for those who come under his responsibility and reflect attitude of a compassion and humility. This is totally contradicted with the leadership of Bashar who is not only cannot being lenient to the people, instead has killing thousands of innocent people. Prophet Muhammad is one of the good model as a leader, whom his kindness and good manner that kept the believers attracted to him, as stated in ali – Imran verse 159, 

“It is by the mercy of Allah that you have been lenient with them (the believers). Were you severe or harsh hearted, they would have broken away from you: so pass over (heir faults), and ask for (Allah’s) forgiveness for them, and consult them in (public) affairs.”

In conclusion, effective leader is recognized as an important figure in achieving organisational goals and objectives. Continuous efforts to acquire skills would be able to lead a person to become a successful leader. Thus, the ultimate objective of the Islamic leadership is to attaining satisfaction of Allah through fulfillment of organisational rational (halal) objectives.


A.    Leadership in Islam

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B.     Syria and Bashar al- Assad’s Leadership Characteristics

FIDH, (2011). Report of human rights violations committed in syria. Bashar al Assad: Criminal against Humanity.

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Zisser, E. (2003). Does bashar al-assad rule Syria?.Middle East Quarterly.Retrieved from http://www.meforum.org/517/does-bashar-al-assad-rule-syria on 13 March 2012.

Friday, July 26, 2013



Salam Ramadan sahabat. Ada masalah rasa lemau nak bangun menapak ke surau / masjid terdekat untuk Solat Terawih? Lemau nak bukak mata pergi masjid untuk Solat Subuh Jemaah meriah2 di masjid berhampiran.. atau berjemaah Subuh dengan keluarga?


"Daripada Abu Hurairah RA bahawa Rasulullah SAW telah bersabda: apabila telah tiba bulan Ramadan, maka terbukalah semua pintu rahmat dan ditutup semua pintu neraka serta tangan-tangan syaitan dirantai."

Tahun ni aku dapat satu resepi macam mana nak kekalkan energi agar tidak kesemputan dan lemau untuk bantu kita stay fit untuk angkat punggung buat amalan2 yg dituntut. SIMPLE! 


keh keh keh..(biasa sangat)

Entah macam mana satu hari tu aku boleh terfikir nak sebat Nescafe before pegi terawih.. Tak pernah pulak aku terfikir sebelum ni. Tak pun guna je mana2 energy drink buat tambah energy tu sikit buat amalan tambahan. Sonangbaitu..

Kalau ikut aku, lepas buka, before nak masuk ke Isya' tu sebat Nescafe secawan je.. Aku guna half je dari 3in1 sachet Original Nescafe tu. Minum setengah lagi before masuk subuh lepas sahur. InshaAllah kalau Allah nak tolong kita stay up, Nescafe tu jadi penyebab je. Tapi serius aku puas hati dengan result. Terawih mata segar je. (Ada ala2 testimoni produk kan?)

P/S: Aku belum pasti teknik ni berkesan pada pencinta kopi macam aku je ke, atau ianya general. Tapi guarantee dapat bantu punyalah walau sedikit. Dah khatam khasiat kopi kan? Great. :)

P/S2: Jangan bantai Neskepe pulak tengah2 hari kononnya nak stay fit untuk Tadarus.. 


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Household Garbage: Qualitative Observation


Last week, aku dengan Qualitative Research's groupmates dapat assessment to make general observation around IIUM campus. Several observation settings have been listed and to be fair, all groups had a draw. The settings listed are bazaar, library, campus cafe,  and household garbage. And you now what? We got the household garbage guys! OHSEM! Hahahaha. After the draw I can't help to stop 'laughing' since we are very LUCKY to got that! Each setting assigned to 2 groups. For household garbage, the brother group and us are the lucky one! Yeay! 

At first yes, when Dr. Mardiana told us that some group will handled garbage using hands and gloves; everyone is anxiously try not to be picked then. Yes, who wants to handled the GARBAGE??

BUT! After the task, I am very glad! Can you imagine? This is very valuable experience for us. All other settings are common among us; Psychology student. Still, the other groups are doing great too.. :) 

Here, I would like to share our findings:

Can't download the video! Pics can be la eh..

Nature of research:

Date: 25 February 2013 (Monday)
Time: 9:30 PM
Place: Level 1 - 4, D Block , Mahallah Safiyyah, IIUM


1. Food waste
2. Dates
3. Plain rice
4. Plastic bottles
5. Drink cans
6. Hair
7. Watery garbage
8. Papers
9. Orange peels


1. Food waste : 
We assumed that students cannot finish the food because of the taste of the food or/and already full before ea t them.

2. Found dates : 
Since the observation is on Monday, we assumed that students perform Sunnah fasting together with roommates.

3. Plain Rice found in garbage at fourth floor of the block: 
We assumed that Senior (usually stays at higher level) brings rice cooker illegally (we cannot cook in Mahallah)

4. Many 'cekedis' wrap found : 
We assumed students consumed more unhealthy food than the opposite.

5. Less fruits traces found:
Only 2 types of fruits found; orange and dates.

6. Hair found mostly in fourth level of block : 
We assumed students experienced the breakage hair because of high level of stress among seniors (found in fourth level of block) or/and students consumed many unhealthy food that might cause the breakage.

7. Watery Garbage : 
Students lack ethics in garbage-throwing; not pour the water to the sink first or/and students lack of empathy; not concerned about the difficulties that might be faced by ‘Makcik cleaner’.

8. Many recyclable items found : 
Students not practice recycling; hence we assumed they are not concern about the environmental issues, or/and students are short-thinker; cannot reflect what will happen to future generations that results from their actions, or/and they are selfish; only think about their own self, cannot think about others.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hate all of you!... with affection


Lately the emotion seems to be the master in me. Everyone with their own selves right now. Yes. People change. I change. Others change. Alhamdulillah the changes are sooo great. So ohsem. They are positive. But then, to have something like this, to have a changes in life, there are also things that has to be sacrifice.

Miss the old me. But then love the new me to. Am I greedy? Yes, I do think so. I want to have them all with me. Everyone. The old and the new. But it was impossible. People do have limit.

Energy Limit. 
Emotional limit. 
Time limit.
Affection limit?
But... I do love you all. 

Maybe I am too greedy to have all of you only to be mine. Somewhat uncomfortable when you with someone else. Yes. I do JEALOUS. Jealous of you. With them. No longer me. But it started actually when I do left you when I am with the new one. But when you turn to the other side, I cant help it. Feels like to pull you harshly beside me back, while still hold the hands of the new one.

ON. No words after past 2 semesters. But nice to have you first gave me 'the word' recently. It feels like I winning the game. But yes. I hate to be far. Then to look at you feels okay with it, I feels like to stab you on the face, then pull it, then stab at your back, then pull it again, and stab stab stab stab all over your body. Hate you, emotionless 'human like' being!

YAH. Arghh you with your new 'ones' just like me. Have own group. Hearing you hang out with them feels like ahh. Ok, there is no me anymore huh? But the problems started because of me actually. I do busy with them. 'The new them'. No time for others, I am glad, but then what happen to the old 'them' then??? Cant help it. I DO WANNA WITH ALL OF YOU RIGHT NOW! At the same time. The same me. The same you. The same them. If I can cut and divide my body equally to you.. All of you.. Feels like..... will be great then! Right?

NA. You with your 'super-duper-lovable-buah-hati pengarang-jantung-girlfriend-that-has-to-be-apart-because-of-the-time-bla bla bla bla' really really really really killing me inside. Do confessed to me with deep love but I am not blind to measure duh. She is everything to you right?

I do realized. The emotion getting harder because of the final period of us to be together. I am so greedy to enjoy the time with all you. ALL! I DO MEAN ALL! But its clearly impossible.

Hope we will not forget each other. 

I do hate you all!.... WITH AFFECTION. 

I do afraid

Tuesday, February 5, 2013



1-3 Februari 2013. Before masuk sem, aku join group ohsem called PEMBINA. Persatuan Belia Islam Nasional. HIKING - SUNGAI - CAVING. Best weh! Seriously view maha cantik atas Bukit. Ada Batu Tiga Beradik lagi. Cantik siot! Subhanallah! Rugi x da antara kami yg bawak camera sebab balik memang ikut sungai. Urghh!! Tulah reward paling HENSEM untuk hikers! Penat semput camane pon hiking, sampai atas VIEW MAHA INDAH! Subhanallah. Subhanallah. Subhanallah!

Sungai triple maple kliple lebih OHSEM DARAB LAPAN! Just imagine terlentang je kat sungai jernih tu dengan life jacket dalam beberapa kilometer, then kaki keatas.. Tengok awan.. Punggung sakit-sakit sedap kena batu. OHSEMnya perasaan itu! Before ni Camp kelas Skill Recreation 1 pernah buat tubing, duduk dalam tube hitam terlentang jugak, tapi x seohsem river trecking pakai badan. Gila best satu badan dapat rasa air! Allahuakbar! Aku nak beli tanah dekat2 sungai nanti! HAHA. Memang tak boleh blah la aku memang lead the crowd je.. Repeat banyak2 kali sambil tunggu yang lain lepas at belakang. Aku antara yang lasak x pe jugak, tapi ada yang fobia air, takut lemas dan sebagainya kat belakang. Rasa bersalah pulak seronok sendiri kat depan, ada jugak yang kata nightmare. Heee.. Punyalah berbeza perasaan memasing. 

Then CAVING di sebelah petang! Ni first experience aku caving bebetul, pergi Perlis dulu Gua Kelam makan angin je jalan kat jambatan dulu. Kali ni Gua Kandu, Gopeng, Perak. OHSEM DARAB LAPAN WEH! Gua ni gua yang kering dan agak berdebu. So yang ada athma x digalakkan. Seronok weh! Naik turun batu! Ada yang mencanak, ada yang kena turun, ada jalan kena tunduk, merangkak. OHSEM OHSEM OHSEM. Just imagine macam mana Allah ciptakan gua yg terbentuk dari air je beberapa juta tahun dulu. Just imagine. Historically nya, Gua Kandu satu masa dulu adalah pusat tentera Jepun. Dalam tu ada tempat parking heli bagai suma ada. Penjara2 pun banyak kat atas2 atap gua tu. Geram je nak naik tengok. Geram je aku tengok banyak lubang tikus dalam tu. Nak je aku masuk explore sendiri, tapi pergi dengan group, jangan buat hal. HAHA. Teringin nak pergi Gua Tempurung la plak, area Gopeng jugak kalau x silap. Gua Tempurung ada sungai, lagi syiok aku rasa..! Seriously dalam gua rasa tenang ya amat. Sejuk dia macam ada aircond dalam tu. Then try off torchlight semua. Then rasalah pengalaman alam barzakh. Sunyi. Gelap. Hitam. Sejuk. Astaghfirullah. Allahuakbar. 

And the most interestingnya camp trip untuk aku kali ini ialah...
NO MEN! Super duper best sebab semua aktiviti Perempuan dengan Lelaki memang x sama. Kitorang Hiking + Rivering pagi, Caving petang, lelaki sebaliknya. Ini lah experience yg aku nak rasa dah lama. Pada hemat aku ok je. Aktiviti jalan sempoi je. Cukup dengan guide2 lelaki.. Tak payah pun nak pergi sekali bagai. Gerak sekali tapi x da contact pun lelaki-perempuan. OHSEM OHSEM OHSEM. 

Bertambah lagi satu passion aku: CAVING! 

Serpihan gua yang runtuh bila Gua Kandu as markas Jepun ni dibom oleh British

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ohsemness of Life


Pergh gila susah nak menarikan jari-jari kat keyboard untuk update blog sekarang ni. Kenapa tah idea banyak, malas nya menebal x hengat pulak! Yang penting banyak gila benda-benda Ohsem dalam hidup den sejak2 menghilang nak dekat setengah tahun ni. Rasa x best nak bagitau semua benda, tapi untuk catitan kenangan, rasanya sangat perlu untuk buat dokumentasi kat blog ni. Nanti tua2 anak cucu boleh tahu seberapa aktifnya grandma beliau ni. Jangan nak lembik2 sangat, keluar cari life wahai anak cucuku! HAHA!

Ohsemness bermula bila aku join SLEU (Student Learning Enhancement Centre), gila best tak hengat. SC2 and PTA2 semua sekepala. Paling best sebenarnya dalam reflection kelas Developmental Psychology dulu, aku ada pernah state yg aku teringin nak rapat dengan various races kat IIUM ni. Teringin nak paham culture diorang yg pelbagai tu. And guess what? TUP! Allah Maha Besar bagi aku peluang ni. Bekerja dengan diorang, bergaul dengan derang, kawan, berjimba.. OHSEM OHSEM OHSEM..! Aku x pernah terfikir semua ni. SERIOUSLY dari dulu aku tahu ALLAH sangat membantu aku. Dari Tadika, Sekolah Rendah, SPM, Matriks, sampailah sekarang. Courses aku, results tok exam aku, aku taw semua tu Allah dah susun cantik2 untuk aku dan bagi impact gila besar dalam future life aku, SEMUA BERKAIT! OHSEM! Percayalah cucu2 ku, jangan sesekali doubt dengan apa yg ALLAH aturkan untuk kita ya.! :)

Memories with SLEU:

 28-30 September 2012: SLEU Family Day (Perlis & Thailand). 

SLEU @ Gua Kelam, Perlis

SLEU Starz Competition

14 January 2013: keGentingan with SLEU Buddies

Well... sebenarnya nak cerita all activities sepanjang semester lepas. Next post lah ye. Kurang rajin. HAHA.
See ya.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Caffein: It's Benefits, Side-Effects, & Withdrawal Symptoms


This is a summary of my mini research project for my English for Academic Writing course. Why Caffeine? Yeah just because aku Pencinta Kopi! So aku feel interesting to search a bit more about it. May it give some benefits for all! Konon2 nak relate dengan Health Psychology la. Tapi x relate sangat at the end. More to nutrition study. HAHA!

Harus diingat: THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. No serious research was done and it involves only small sample of the population.



Nature of research:

               Caffeine is increasingly consumed by student when prior to deadline of assignments and examination period. Caffeine consumed usually because of its benefits, but has to remember that caffeine also has its side-effects and withdrawal symptoms. This study investigated IIUM Human Sciences students’ consumption of caffeine and their knowledge of caffeine’s benefits, side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Participants were selected using simple random sampling method (n=10). A set of questionnaire were given to the participants. The data was gathered and the average score for the test were identified and compared. The result indicates that majority of students consumed caffeine-containing product. However, the total score of caffeine-knowledge test was just 9.6 over 24. This can clearly shows us that students have very minimum knowledge of caffeine. This happened probably because the withdrawal symptoms and side-effects of caffeine were commonly experienced than its benefits, since many of the benefits are associated with the long-term consumed of caffeine. Therefore, recommendations should be made to the students’ health and counseling service on campus or any club or society to implement actions, such as displaying posters in strategic locations or distribution of information brochures, in an attempt to improve students’ knowledge of caffeine. 
So the findings? 
               The average score for the caffeine knowledge test was 9.6 out of 24 for the total group of participants. From the results obtained, participants had the most knowledge on the withdrawal of the caffeine (average score of 4.8 out of 8), less knowledge on the side effects (average score of 3.1 out of 8), and least knowledge on is benefits (average score of 1.7 out of 8). These findings harmonized with previous study by Lee et. al. (2009). According to them, this situation was happened probably because the withdrawal symptoms and side-effects of caffeine were commonly experienced than its benefits, since many of the benefits are associated with the long-term consumed of caffeine. With regard to common myths concerning caffeine, many students believed caffeine as a substitute for sleep (40%), causes of acne (30%) and causes hot flushes (20%).
            The results of the caffeine awareness test could be influenced by the fact that all the participants were caffeine consumers. They could probably have experienced the side-effects personally and therefore knew more about caffeine than non-consumers.
            In addition, the results obtained in this study clearly showed that students have consumed caffeine while have less knowledge in its side-effects, benefits and withdrawal symptoms. The majority of participants were using caffeine without sufficient knowledge of its side-effects, benefits and withdrawal symptoms. Hence, recommendations should be made to the students’ health and counseling service on campus or any club or society to implement actions, such as displaying posters in strategic locations or distribution of information brochures, in an attempt to improve students’ knowledge of caffeine so that students consume caffeine-containing product with aware of its side-effects. This is very important to help them avoid over-consumption of caffeine since it could results negative consequences on their health. By following the beautiful teaching of Islam, people have to take care of their diet that must also be balanced, in order to maintain the balance that God has established in all things, this is addressed in the Quran when God says:
“And He enforced the balance. That you exceed not the bounds; but observe the balance strictly; and fall not short thereof.”
(Ar- Rahman 55:7-9)  
        Last but not least, future research can be done to further the study by looking at students’ attitude on over-consumption of caffeine, whether they are aware of its negative effects on health or they are not really care about their health even though the negative effects have been exposed to them. This recommendation study would be interesting as we can investigate students’ awareness regarding their own health and whether the youth nowadays eager to practice healthy lifestyle or vice versa.

In short, based on previous study by Lee et. al. (2009):

The facts of caffeine benefits, side-effects & withdrawal symptoms are:

There are also some common misconceptions of people towards caffeine such as causes acne, dry eyes, aggression, hallucinations, skin itching and many more. AND REMEMBER THAT THEY ARE ALL MISCONCEPTIONS UNTIL FUTURE RESEARCH HAS PROVED THE OPPOSITES, YA!

So...till we not take it without the awareness of over-consumption's side-effects, Drink coffee is Ohsem !
Akhir kalam, may this post has benefits you. Wallahua'lam. Peace. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Yes, How You Dare You Make Me Whirl!


Its an Exam period!

And Again suddenly whirl... Sampai hati kamu! Muahaha. 


Lagu gila best.

Dan bukan Narmi yang buat aku gila ya. Haha.

K Bye..