Sunday, March 3, 2013

Household Garbage: Qualitative Observation


Last week, aku dengan Qualitative Research's groupmates dapat assessment to make general observation around IIUM campus. Several observation settings have been listed and to be fair, all groups had a draw. The settings listed are bazaar, library, campus cafe,  and household garbage. And you now what? We got the household garbage guys! OHSEM! Hahahaha. After the draw I can't help to stop 'laughing' since we are very LUCKY to got that! Each setting assigned to 2 groups. For household garbage, the brother group and us are the lucky one! Yeay! 

At first yes, when Dr. Mardiana told us that some group will handled garbage using hands and gloves; everyone is anxiously try not to be picked then. Yes, who wants to handled the GARBAGE??

BUT! After the task, I am very glad! Can you imagine? This is very valuable experience for us. All other settings are common among us; Psychology student. Still, the other groups are doing great too.. :) 

Here, I would like to share our findings:

Can't download the video! Pics can be la eh..

Nature of research:

Date: 25 February 2013 (Monday)
Time: 9:30 PM
Place: Level 1 - 4, D Block , Mahallah Safiyyah, IIUM


1. Food waste
2. Dates
3. Plain rice
4. Plastic bottles
5. Drink cans
6. Hair
7. Watery garbage
8. Papers
9. Orange peels


1. Food waste : 
We assumed that students cannot finish the food because of the taste of the food or/and already full before ea t them.

2. Found dates : 
Since the observation is on Monday, we assumed that students perform Sunnah fasting together with roommates.

3. Plain Rice found in garbage at fourth floor of the block: 
We assumed that Senior (usually stays at higher level) brings rice cooker illegally (we cannot cook in Mahallah)

4. Many 'cekedis' wrap found : 
We assumed students consumed more unhealthy food than the opposite.

5. Less fruits traces found:
Only 2 types of fruits found; orange and dates.

6. Hair found mostly in fourth level of block : 
We assumed students experienced the breakage hair because of high level of stress among seniors (found in fourth level of block) or/and students consumed many unhealthy food that might cause the breakage.

7. Watery Garbage : 
Students lack ethics in garbage-throwing; not pour the water to the sink first or/and students lack of empathy; not concerned about the difficulties that might be faced by ‘Makcik cleaner’.

8. Many recyclable items found : 
Students not practice recycling; hence we assumed they are not concern about the environmental issues, or/and students are short-thinker; cannot reflect what will happen to future generations that results from their actions, or/and they are selfish; only think about their own self, cannot think about others.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hate all of you!... with affection


Lately the emotion seems to be the master in me. Everyone with their own selves right now. Yes. People change. I change. Others change. Alhamdulillah the changes are sooo great. So ohsem. They are positive. But then, to have something like this, to have a changes in life, there are also things that has to be sacrifice.

Miss the old me. But then love the new me to. Am I greedy? Yes, I do think so. I want to have them all with me. Everyone. The old and the new. But it was impossible. People do have limit.

Energy Limit. 
Emotional limit. 
Time limit.
Affection limit?
But... I do love you all. 

Maybe I am too greedy to have all of you only to be mine. Somewhat uncomfortable when you with someone else. Yes. I do JEALOUS. Jealous of you. With them. No longer me. But it started actually when I do left you when I am with the new one. But when you turn to the other side, I cant help it. Feels like to pull you harshly beside me back, while still hold the hands of the new one.

ON. No words after past 2 semesters. But nice to have you first gave me 'the word' recently. It feels like I winning the game. But yes. I hate to be far. Then to look at you feels okay with it, I feels like to stab you on the face, then pull it, then stab at your back, then pull it again, and stab stab stab stab all over your body. Hate you, emotionless 'human like' being!

YAH. Arghh you with your new 'ones' just like me. Have own group. Hearing you hang out with them feels like ahh. Ok, there is no me anymore huh? But the problems started because of me actually. I do busy with them. 'The new them'. No time for others, I am glad, but then what happen to the old 'them' then??? Cant help it. I DO WANNA WITH ALL OF YOU RIGHT NOW! At the same time. The same me. The same you. The same them. If I can cut and divide my body equally to you.. All of you.. Feels like..... will be great then! Right?

NA. You with your 'super-duper-lovable-buah-hati pengarang-jantung-girlfriend-that-has-to-be-apart-because-of-the-time-bla bla bla bla' really really really really killing me inside. Do confessed to me with deep love but I am not blind to measure duh. She is everything to you right?

I do realized. The emotion getting harder because of the final period of us to be together. I am so greedy to enjoy the time with all you. ALL! I DO MEAN ALL! But its clearly impossible.

Hope we will not forget each other. 

I do hate you all!.... WITH AFFECTION. 

I do afraid